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Originally Posted by Lady Q View Post
An interesting idea...

But there was no indication in either DS9, or ST-FC that there had been a running battle with the Defiant. Seems they decided to make their stand where they did after the cubes broke though perimiter defeses (I assume Wolf 359?)

My big question is why Sisko was not COMMANDING the Defiant into a major battle with the Borg. I like Worf, but seemed a odd choice.
When the Defiant first arrives at the fighting above Earth, you can see a vast, glowing hole in the armour over one of her nacelles. The ship's clearly taken one heck of a pounding, and in a vulnerable spot too, but has still managed to catch up with the enemy and rejoin the fight. As Riker says - "tough little ship". They definitely took a pounding from the Borg prior to what we actually see onscreen in the movie, and you can bet that they gave as good as they got. In an earlier draft of First Contact, the Borg invasion force was going to be a colossal tetrahedron, made up of a large number of cubes. The fleet, minus the Enterprise, were to destroy the tetrahedron, with a single cube separating and escaping toward Earth.

As for why Worf was in charge... I reckon Captain Sisko was kept out of it for the same reason that Picard was ordered away: a man with a painful history involving the Borg, more painful than most because he once lost his wife, his CO, and his ship to them. Like Picard, the bigwigs probably felt he might constitute an 'unstable element', given the risk of him being consumed by hatred, revenge, or fear during the fight.

That, and the plot required that they bring Worf back somehow
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