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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Except that five years before TOS would have been roughly the time between The Cage and WNMHGB, and this bridge takes a WILD design detour between two different but essentially very similar looks. It'd be a little like someone offering to show you some of the great past designs of Porche 911s -- and in between the 1988 and 1990 models on display is a 2009 model that's been labeled a 1989 model.

What do you say to the person pulling that one on ya?
No one denies that the TOS bridge is classic and looked fine and modern in its appearances in TNG, DS9 and ENT. But again I want to remind every purist of James Cawley's opinion about the upcoming movie and emphasize that the most important thing is the STORY, which I guess you as professional writer considers important too.

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I disagree with the general sentiment being used to excuse this, the one that goes, "Well, you don't know every tiny-est detail, so you really ought to put blinders on and pretend you don't know anything at all!"

BS. I see a dorsal fin break the water, I don't need to know exactly how many teeth are in the shark's mouth to know it's a shark. I see a starship bridge that looks like it was designed by Apple in cooperation with Ikea, I don't need to know what the context is for that figurative middle finger to know that I, as a fan, have just been flipped off.
I am an economist, so I have professional distrust concerning the accuracy of predictions and forecasts.
We should keep in mind that these are not random pictures, but pictures released for marketing purposes. They are supposed to be thought provoking to make people talk about it.

If you don't intend to watch this movie, you spent quite some time on talking about it although I admit that I like your colourful metaphors
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