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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I disagree with the general sentiment being used to excuse this, the one that goes, "Well, you don't know every tiny-est detail, so you really ought to put blinders on and pretend you don't know anything at all!"

BS. I see a dorsal fin break the water, I don't need to know exactly how many teeth are in the shark's mouth to know it's a shark. I see a starship bridge that looks like it was designed by Apple in cooperation with Ikea, I don't need to know what the context is for that figurative middle finger to know that I, as a fan, have just been flipped off.
First, no one is asking you to put blinders on... though clearly you're assuming everyone else who disagrees with your preconceptions HAS blinders on, which is just an absolutist attitude from the flipside.

Your metaphor makes no sense, since we all know what a shark is and does... yet none of us have seen one frame of this new movie.

But apparently you don't need to see the movie to judge it 7 months in advance, and that's your prerogative.

Sorry, I'm just not ready to drink the Haterade this early... but enjoy it if that's what you prefer. Cheers.

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