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To be honest even the NX-01 bridge was clearly significantly more advanced looking than the TOS bridge and it was supposed to be a century older. So when you're dealing with a show made in the 1960s exact replication is always going to be difficult because of the colour palette and style of finish. But then I cannot call myself a purist when it comes to some areas of design.

And I must take the approach offered by Mission:Trek, which is to actuall wait and see the film to understand exactly what has been changed, if there's a reason, what that reason is and whether it's sigificant enough to consider too severe. I'm willing to bet not a single person on this forum know precisley, to the letter, to the tiniest detail, what happens in the film, and I see no point in scorning it until the context of the changes can be understood.

Back to the Ent design though. My feeling based on the teaser is for the visual detail that was seen in TMP, as it's clearly the TMP style saucer and bridge module, married with TOS nacelles, refinished to match the rest of the ship. As to the Deflector dish, I have no guess, possibly closer to TOS though is what I'm expecting.
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