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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
If they're smart, they'll make it look a little like Vektor's version. To wit:

Wow, that just rocks. Some slight texture changes and at once she looks like grand enough for the big screen.

Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I really like this design. I like deg's version better, but this one is pretty nice. It's original and completely recognizeable as the original NCC-1701, yet detailed enough to translate nicely to the big screen. Unfortunately, nothing like this will be seen in the movie. It is already apparent by the "new" look of the bridge, that J.J. and company have completely thrown any simblance of historical accuracy out the window. The "new" NCC-1701 will only be recognizeable as the Enterprise because it has a saucer, two nacelles, and an engineering section. The look will be completely different. My money is on Gabe Koerner's design. It's nice, but it's not the Enterprise. Oh well, we just need to live with it. Nothing can be changed now. It's done. So quit griping! That means me!!
I don't think that the exterior of the E will be changed very much, while Paramount allowed JJ et al to change the interior, they were more restrictive on the E. And while I would not mind seeing something like Koerner's version, I don't think that they will do much more than changing the skin.
It is like with the D7, give it some texture and you get the K'tinga which looks great on the big screen.
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