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Originally Posted by Lady Q View Post
An interesting idea...

But there was no indication in either DS9, or ST-FC that there had been a running battle with the Defiant. Seems they decided to make their stand where they did after the cubes broke though perimiter defeses (I assume Wolf 359?)

My big question is why Sisko was not COMMANDING the Defiant into a major battle with the Borg. I like Worf, but seemed a odd choice.
I understand your position on the information.
However I do not consider the amount of damage the Cube sustained was inflicted in a matter of minutes. It's direction toward Earth and it's distance means it never reached orbit. Considering the ease at which the Cube destroyed the pre Galaxy class starships (Akira, Steamrunner and Sabre) it would seem these vessels were last ditch defense.

Defiant was the only post Galaxy Class Starship on the scene before the Enterprise arrived.

Considering the Distance and forewarning they had from IVOR to Earth it would be logical that Star Fleet engaged the Cube long before it reached Earth.

Even in Best of Both Worlds we saw the Enterprise Engage the Cube the Fleet engage the Cube in an attempt to stop it's progress. It would seem only logical a similar trend occured for the second Borg Invasion.

Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
That's amazing when you think about it, considering the closest visible star in the constellation Orion is about 243 lyrs away. Just shows how little an area of space Star Trek deals with.

On a side note I remember Carter in stargate once saying that there are only a few stars visible from earth that have planets with stargates, shows how different shows handle the vastness of the galaxy.
Yet According to Canon Trek and not just the publications Warp is very very fast crossing even to the center of the Galaxy but we know there are many contradictions but from the TNG episode "Bloodlines" I was able to derive an actual speed of the Enterprise when we are given a distance and a time of arrival. It would seem that the Warp Speed Chart is true and that means Trek is dealing with a much small space than most would realize.

Originally Posted by williamLX View Post
This a long thread which I have not fully read so my point could well already have been made, but I feel I must point out how mistaken you are. It is not some 10x more powerful than a Galaxy Class. In the episode called in think 'Valiant' we see a sister ship of the defiant easily destroyed by a Dominian battleship which is described as being twice as big and 3x as powerful as a Galaxy Class Star Ship. If a Defiant Class ship was 10x more powerful than a Galaxy then the Valiant should have won the battle. I would see the Defiant as small and heavily armed for her size, but no match for full sized Star Ships. Her usefulness stems from the cloaking device for stealthy entry into Dominian held space.

I must point out William, that using simple math and comparing the Odyssey's encounter with 3 Dominion Attack ships and the Defiant's encounter with 3 Dominon Attack ships...

It's quite clear that Defiant's 2 second kill compared to Odyssey's complete inability to destroy any of the attack ship places Defiant's strength many time over a Galaxy Class vessel. Odyssey was engaged in battle for at least five minutes.

Anything that was said by the wet behind the ear Freshmen on board the Valiant is really quite suspect. Think about it. They were wrong about almost everything. They misguaged the strength of the vessel they were taking on. They were wrong to engage the target. They're direct approach on the Battlship was wrong. They're Intel of the Bracings were wrong.

As for the Valiant. It did not show equal fire power to the Defiant. Defiant destroys Attack ships in no more than three shots. Valiant needed repeated direct hits and Finally resorted to using Four Quantum Torpedos to finish off the Dominion vessel.

We also know that Valiant was damage and was limited to warp 4. The Defiant Class starship is a short range vessel and they were out in Deep Space cut off from resupply for months not to mention having used a majority of it's fuel on a previous and obviously draining pitch battle for and extened period of time.

It's likely Valiant simply didn't have the power it should have had. There is no way to know for sure. The writers leave blinding wholes in the plot devices. But logically it appear other Defiant class ships are just weaker on some order than the original ship.

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