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Originally Posted by williamLX View Post
That's why it got trashed in 5 seconds flat by the Borg Cube, which itself lasted for about 5 seconds against the Enterprise! Remember the poor Enterprise seemed to get weaker as each film went on, she didn't have her quantum Torps against the Remen ship in X or the lepers in IX.

The Ivor System near Deep Space 5 is about 60 to 70 lighyears from Earth. 8 Days at warp 9.6

The Distance from the Romulan Neutral Zone to Earth according to the Star Trek Star Charts is 30-ish lightyears. 3.7 Days at warp 9.6

Enterprise had time to travel to the Neutral Zone listen to the Fleet engage the cube as it passed through Federation Territory and then return to Earth. That's 8 Days.

The Point is Defiant would have been Engaged with the Cube for at least 3 hours since Defiant can move at warp 9.5 when dumping it's phaser reservers into SIF. The distance from Earth to DS9 is 60 lightyears
Defaint would have engage the Cube a good 2-3 lightyears from Earth.

In other words a running fight.

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