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Originally Posted by Pomeranc View Post
Robert Picardo joins Atlantis cast!

Jop it is true, Robert Picardo as ''Richard Woolsey'' will be the Atlantis expedition leader for at least season five. I think it's great news and I looking forward to see more Robert and ''Woolsey'' next year.

More cast changes for S5 in article below:
Don't Get me wrong, I like Robert Picardo...But Richard Woolsey will be a regular character on SGA next season? Oh man...his character is a bit annoying. Whenever his character is mentioned to be coming to atlantis, the atlantis stars seem to act like the DS9 characters when they heard Kai Winn was coming to the station: They just Roll their eyes, Shake their head and Sigh heavily.

Anyways, Yes, I got hooked on Star Gate After Enterprise went off. I had to watch something! I've watched all of sg1, Great show. That's the first show i've seen with two Major Villians such as The Gould and the Ori. Both in their primes are menacing and seem to have the major advantage over the SG1 team. Atlantis is a good show. I got my family hooked on it just like I got them Hooked on Voyager(We used to watch it every week; same with Atlantis!)

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