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Originally Posted by Tiger Cat E1 View Post
Battlestar Galactica - old and new, Buck Rogers, Babylon 5, Dr Who, Heroes, Stargate, The X Files, Futurama, Red Dwarf , V, Sea Quest DSV, Anime/Manga
I agree ya Tiger; Red Dwarf! Great show; Hope they finish or continue it some day. And also the Sea Quest was cool too.

Magellanic: I like Knight Rider as well. In the 90's there were many knock off of this show which i watched, like Viper and there was a second Knight Rider show with a team of Cars and trucks. It was wierd. Did you ever see this? Also, there's a new Knight Rider coming out soon. The Car is a Ford Mustang i believe. Here's my fave:

Both Stargate Shows, Red Dwarf, Dr. Who, Sliders (I did watch it every week),
Sea Quest, Mantis(Sci-fi Superhero), Andromeda.

I loved these but there are a few I want to get into but haven't yet:

Babylon 5, Heroes, the new Flash Gordon, BSG (Both Old and New), Farscape, Earth: Final Conflict.

Can anyone shed some light on one thing: Is the new BSG that much better than the old? Is the old BSG worth watching? I know this is probably a blasphemous Question to some of those old BSG Fans out there.

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