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Originally Posted by RedShirtWalking View Post
...and that might explain why Star Trek has been around in one incarnation or another for forty-plus year and Firefly was on for 14 episodes and a marginally successful film. LOL
Now don't that just put a bee in my gorram bonnet. Those 14 episodes of Firefly are better than TOS and every other Star Trek television show combined. Overall, TWOK is probably a better movie than Serenity; the rest of the movies (yes, Terry, even First Contact) are mediocre at best. And pandering too much to fans is exactly why the Star Trek franchise has been stuck in neutral for nigh on twenty of those forty-plus years. IMHO, of course. Furthermore, if all of this alternate-timeline business turns out to be true, you can all rest assured that this movie will be a reboot. A clever one that incorporates existing canon as a jumping-off point, but a reboot nonetheless. J.J. & Co. are just savvy enough to know that labeling it as such would almost certainly be the kiss of death for them with all the canon-obsessed Trekkies. Again, IMHO.

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