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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Aye, but beware the curse of the sweaty palm...lest ye' sling thy Wii controller right into thy tv.

I'm waiting to get this for the PS3...although the reviews I've read overall about this title for any system have been mixed, tilting slightly to the not so good side. In playing the demo, I wasn't really wowed...and from what I understand, your Force powers become almost useless against tougher enemies.

However, I do want to get this game because it is official canon in the Star Wars universe.
I got the PS2 version today and it is quite a bit of fun, but you're right. The force powers are pretty useless against most bosses, I just keep hitting them 'til the fall but may not be utilizing everything you can. It's not one of those games that is clear when you first play it, probably easier and more cool ways to vanquish enemies, tough ones as well, but I'd say that comes with some replay action. But in the basic levels there is plenty of breathing room for coming up with inventive ways to use your powers to take out enemies. On a definite plus, the story is pretty engrossing, especially if you're a starwars fan.

Got to get a PS3 sometime cause that version of the game looks quite a bit better!

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