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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
In general: the Wii remote is sensitive to hand movement, so most of the action is motion-based. Hitting the A button or the B trigger on the remote create specific actions, but the point is to play in 3D space around you. And that's a very good reason why there's a wrist strap on the remote! On the other hand, I've never let go of it while playing yet.

This is one of the reasons an 'oldie' like me could pick up game play on the Wii quickly, because the interface is intuitive: if I want to duel Darth Maul with a lightsaber or challenge scalawags as Jack Sparrow, I actually swing away with my remote -- I don't have to press some odd alphabet soup of buttons to perform a manuver.

Parry, thrust... another foe vanquished!
Aye, but beware the curse of the sweaty palm...lest ye' sling thy Wii controller right into thy tv.

I'm waiting to get this for the PS3...although the reviews I've read overall about this title for any system have been mixed, tilting slightly to the not so good side. In playing the demo, I wasn't really wowed...and from what I understand, your Force powers become almost useless against tougher enemies.

However, I do want to get this game because it is official canon in the Star Wars universe.

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