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Futureguy 08-25-2009 11:28 PM

Any thoughts on New Timeline?
Has anyone any thoughts on reconverging timelines?

If a timeline/reality can diverge, what would be its possibilities or consequences on reconverging in the ST universe? I am asking this as a purely science fiction question so that speculation may have free reign and not be necessarily traped by only what we "know" about "real" physics.:001_smile:

Commodore 08-26-2009 06:44 AM

It's not just a different timeline but a different universe as well. It would be like trying to merge the Mirror Universe with the Prime Universe--both have different and similar histories.

Although some scientists believe that "the Big Bang" that created our universe was the result of the membranes of two earlier universes colliding. A similar thing could happen if the Abramsverse and the Prime Universe should converge--it could simply create yet another universe that will produce yet another James T. Kirk and the Starship Enterprise.

Parallel universes and alternate timelines/realities--love 'em or hate 'em--but they keep going and going and going...

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