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Joshflighter 02-28-2008 11:29 AM

Gears of War drawings
Since its been one of my most favirout games this past month, I decided to make a some drawings. I started at 11 PM and ended at 1 AM. You do the math :roll:
Here is the first drawing:

I know, there isnt shading yet. Well, thats kinda to bad cause I dont want to ruin the detail im adding and added. So this is sort of a W.I.P still. (Work In Progress)
Tell me what you guys think :wink:

Here is the second drawing and info:

I worked last night on a new pic. This one does have shades, but it is not completed. I will add background later to it aswell

Tell me what you guys think :)
Note: I dont know why the scanner is adding the red shades on the drawing

I now added more shades to the drawing and competed the neck


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