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Chris Fawkes 02-27-2008 04:22 AM

What Is Your Job?
Just wondering what diverse backgrounds we all come from.
For me i'm a wedding/portrait photographer from Australia.

_Eris_ 02-27-2008 06:20 AM

Planogram Team Lead at Super Target in Colorado, US.
(That means I'm in charge of resetting each aisle of the
store about 3 times a year, sometimes more to add in new
product/signing and take out the old.)

Ditroi 02-27-2008 06:47 AM

Drawing teacher at a chinese school on sundays (80 kids 5 classes ranging from 3-12 grade with occasional parent or grandparent). I am so proud of them! M-F 9-5 job is building websites for this small local company... At night I have been hired to do 3 shots of VFX for this short-film that is traditional Chinese ghost story. They plan to circulate around town and Asia. I'm also holding out for this company,, to call me back for more work now that the Writer's Strike is over. Saturday is my me day... I veg out. Most of my free time is spent watching used dvds of movies I've missed over the many years I have been at school and work. Can't complain! I like where I am.

Quark 02-27-2008 07:48 AM

Currently filling an application for a theater job in Santa Monica near the Promenade.

NCC-73515 02-27-2008 07:55 AM

Student of biology, student assistant in neurophysiology lab.

chekov1701 02-27-2008 08:13 AM


RedShirtWalking 02-27-2008 08:21 AM

I work in IT for a major financial firm in the US. Specifically, my role deals with Performance Management (of servers and applications, not people).

CaptRay 02-27-2008 05:05 PM

Self-employed wife & myself own a small BBQ restaurant

reddogg77 02-27-2008 05:08 PM

First officer of the USS Workhard!!

no i work for a prem football club here in the uk (ground safety officer)

kukalakana 02-27-2008 05:38 PM

I'm a writer. aka "struggling arty type."

Plus I do a few odd things as well.

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