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Livingston 02-26-2008 02:29 PM

Anyone Out There Flyfish?
anyone flyfish? I live in NYC so not much flyfishing around here, but used to live in Knoxville, TN, lots of it there. Smoky Mountains, many broad rivers and lakes. Haven't had a chance to hit the streams in awhile, just wondering if any of you guys or gals are into it as well.:D

_Eris_ 02-26-2008 05:36 PM

I live in Colorado and fly fish as often as I can (about twice a year :( )
I have a Sage Rod, don't know the specific, except that it's 9 feet long.
I have my own Simms waders and everything! :D
I have some pics somewhere, I'll dig them out...Biggest I've caught was
maybe 4 lbs.

Livingston 02-26-2008 06:03 PM

That's cool, Eris! There's alot of good fishing in Colorado. I haven't fished in quite awhile. I used to go alot with some friends in highschool, they still go quite often. I Keep in touch with them through myspace, they keep sending me these pictures of fish they catch. One of them went to Montana on one of those drift boats, some of the fish he caught were amazing! Huge brown trout! Largest I caught was a rainbow trout around twenty-eight or so inches. I have an orvis rod, waders, the whole shabang. It's fun! Just wish I had more time to go!:cheers2:

_Eris_ 02-27-2008 06:17 AM

I wish I had more time (and money) to go, too. If I want to go for a short day
without driving so far, I'll go this little place called Waterton Canyon which is just
in the foothills. It's a nice bike ride and some fun fishing for little trout.

For longer days off, I'll drive to Spinny Mountain Reservoir, which isn't pretty, but
I've caught some big rainbows outta there, too.

My favorite, though, is the Frying Pan river near inbetween Aspen and Glenwood
Springs...I caught my first fish there!

One of the reasons I don't fish as much as I used to three years ago, is, well,
I broke up with the guy that introduced me to fly fishing. :(

Oh, I forgot, one last very nice place, is the San Juan river in New Mexico...I
had a blast at that river...I've never caught 8 fish in one day before that big!

Livingston 02-27-2008 11:23 PM

I've heard the Rockies have some of the best flyfishing in the country. Are the places you mentioned, in the Rockies?

Alot of the rivers in the eastern part of Tennessee are stocked with rainbows and browns. I used to go there quite often, it's where you can catch the larger fish, but you have to match the hatch, they're really picky and will only eat what is hatching on the water. And they only go for small flies. I've never caught anything there with anything over an 18 size hook, mostly use 22-26 size. But in the mountains, they'll eat anything that looks like a bug, so larger dry flies usually there. The fish are smaller though. There are alot of good hiking trails that go along streams so it's a good mix, you can hike and fish, scenery is nicer too.

One place I'd love to go and flyfish at is New Zealand. Everytime I see one of those Lord of the Rings movies I keep thinking, wow I bet there are some nice trout in that stream. I remember one behind the scenes photo where Vigo Mortinson (Aragorn) was flyfishing between takes in full costume. He caught some whoppers, salmon! Gotta go there sometime, if only I could get some money!:D

_Eris_ 02-28-2008 02:57 PM

New Zealand DOES sound phenomenal for fishing...
Yea, all the places I mentioned are in the Rockies.

Do you dry fly or nymph more?
I'm more of a nymph fisher...I've not got the hang of dry flying yet...

Do you make your own flies? I can only make San Juan worms...It's
all I've really ever tried to make.

Livingston 03-05-2008 12:53 AM

It depends on the time of year for me. In the winter I usually use nymphs, in the spring, summer, fall, I usually go with dryflies. It also depends on the place. In the mountains, which have smaller streams and fish, I usually go for dries, cause they'll hit anything that looks like a bug! So they're always hitting on the surface.

But there are rivers where I used to live that are much larger and you can wade, really wade and I'd go for mostly nymphs in the winter there and in the summer, spring and fall I'd go for dries. Regardless, if I fish the larger streams I'll usually tie on a nymph at some point.

As far as tying my own flies, I used to do more, but haven't in a long time. I used to tie adams flies alot, some royal coachmen and wolfs, those are about as complicated as I got, I usually stuck to nymphs and emergables. When I talked to my friend that went to Montana he said most of the flies he fishes with no one ever heard of out there, so it may be a regional thing. I tie mostly orange scuds, pheasant tails, brassi's, mosquito larva and emergables, they're easy. There's also a fly called a Wooly-buggar, yes that's it's name, which I used to tie alot. It is supposed to mimick a small fish and I've caught some very large fish on it, so I like that one quite a bit.

I miss it, it's alot of fun, I manage about two or three times a year, whenever I get back to Tennessee, usually on holidays so not very often. Anyway, looks like we're the only ones on this forum that fly fish! Thought someone out there would, so keep hitting the streams whenever you get the chance Eris!:D

_Eris_ 03-05-2008 12:15 PM


Wooly-buggar, yes that's it's name, which I used to tie alot
:laugh: Yes, we have those, too.

I really do wish I could go fly fish more! I'm just not as confident by myself, afraid
I'd get lost, haha. Or even worse, get swept away in the river...almost happened...
But yea, I've heard of most of the flies you mentioned.
It is crazy that of the hundreds of people on this board, only you and I are fly fishers.
Guess that's better for us as there's more room for us! :D

Livingston 03-20-2008 01:18 AM

My only fishing story, really worth telling. There's this place I used to fish all the time, it's a river where they built a dam to create a lake and they run water through the dam, but when they are running no water then you can wade mostly anywhere in the river below the dam.

Anyway my friend and I were fishing one day and my friend hooked this fish, it was huge. It just started taking off like crazy. So we had to follow the fish downstream. They started running water through the dam so it started rising really quickly! To make a long story short, we ended up swimming down this river with this fish on the line and we kept trading off the fly rod and the current was just helping the fish. Finally we landed it, our waders were totally filled with water and we were soaked, but this fish was huge, it was about 35 inches and it had teeth. It was a rainbow. When my friend took the fly from it's jaw he cut his finger on it's teeth, it was that big! The trout had some serious teeth and it was flopping around like crazy.

Anyway we took loads of pictures of it then released it. That's about the best flyfishing adventure I've had, you're saying 'being swept down stream' reminded me of it. Lot of fun, it was.

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