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Bright Eyes 05-29-2009 01:05 AM

When DL Moody Visited Oxford
I have been reading posts here for many months, and I am reminded of a story I heard the other day. I don't have this word perfect, but the essence is true.

DL Moody was engaged to speak at Oxford University for about a week. Moody was not an educated or sophisticated man. He had a back-woods way of speaking, and when he wanted to say, for example, 'Daniel', he would say 'Danl', one syllable.

The students at Oxford, hearing that Moody was coming to speak to them, determined to make fun of this Hick from the Sticks. When he spoke and said 'Danl' or said anything they found amusing, they shouted in imitation of his accent, clapped uproariously, stomped their feet, mocked him and repeatedly disrupted the meeting because Moody was clearly merely a country bumkin and not an educated Gentleman. Moody persevered in his speech as best he could, despite all the provokations of insult and abuse aimed at him.

The following day Moody was visited by a young man whom he recognized as one of the ringleaders of the people who were rude and insulting him the night before.

The man said, "Sir, I helped organize the students to interrupt your speech because I believed that you were not a Gentleman. But as I saw how we were treating you with rudeness and mockery, and how you did not respond with anger and insults, but with calmness and good behavior and kept trying to explain your views, I began to see that you were the only Gentleman there. I wish to apologize to you for our behavior.'

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