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KG Redhead 02-09-2008 04:07 AM

Faction Paradox
Does anyone else like this tale of skull-masked cultists in a universe at war with an enemy so vague and ominous that to name it would miss the point of it entirely?

For the uninitiated it's a series of novels and audiobooks (plus 2 comics) set mostly on Earth in the 17th Century, the Faction are a small band of renegades from the elder civilisation of Homeworld. Homeworld is at war with the Enemy. Both sides are trying to wipe out the Faction, because they're trying to use the war to further their own agenda of temporal terrorism.

KG Redhead 02-21-2008 12:47 AM

The Book of the War
It's primarily a guide to many of the important factions involved in the War in Heaven. These include Faction Paradox itself, the Great Houses, the Celestis, the Remote, and Posthumanity. A number of hints about the mysterious Enemy against whom the Great Houses at fighting are scattered through the text, but nothing conclusive. The book details many individuals, events, technologies, and concepts related to the War.

KG Redhead 02-21-2008 12:51 AM

The BotW is an essential read for any would-be fan, it contains all the core concepts of the FP universe, from the Faction itself to various ideas like the Remote, the City of the Saved and Homeworld. There's a hidden running order that allows the entries to be read in chronological order but to be honest in a temporal war is that really the best way to do things? There are hidden goodies like the Shift, a conceptual entity that exists only as an idea that changes things around it (in this case the text of the book) to communicate its story. There's also the tale of Faction Hollywood and a tale that predicts the fall of the Eleven Day Empire...

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