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Sybock 12-04-2008 09:57 AM

Character Cameo you would like to see in the Film
If you could choose and have a character from TOS or the first six movies have a line or just be in the background of a scene, who would it be?

Kahn, Dekker & Sybok come to mind as examples.

Also, what character would you have liked to have had a major role in this film?

Captain Pike and Sarek are example of character's that are in this film and part of the plot, more than a cameo role.

Yagami Crewman 12-04-2008 10:23 AM

Would be interesting if one of the cadets that beats up Kirk in the start of the film was Finnegan.

kevin 12-04-2008 11:21 AM

Gary Mitchell

vuedoc 12-04-2008 11:35 AM

Carol Marcus, Ruth, and Janice Lester. But it ain't gonna happen.

MissionTrek08 12-04-2008 11:36 AM

I'm not sure how Khan could have a cameo... isn't he in suspended animation or such like until his ship is discovered in "Space Seed" much later?

At the time of this film's story, he's "lost in space" for all intents and purposes, I'd think.

The Saint 12-04-2008 11:37 AM

I think it'd be Gary Mitchell.

Sybock 12-04-2008 11:40 AM

Yoeman Rand

NCC-73515 12-04-2008 11:43 AM


horatio 12-04-2008 11:46 AM

Archer/T'Pol, Mitchel/Marcus, Picard/Riker for the three series relevant for this movie.
But subtle references might be better than cameos, the movie covers a lot of characters and plot already.

Craaaaazy Weekend 12-04-2008 11:48 AM

Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

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