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tomalak301 02-05-2008 07:35 AM

Super Tuesday
So, is your state having a primary today? If it is, are you going to vote if you're eligible. I would recommend you do. It's a very important day.

Ampris 02-05-2008 02:54 PM

My primary isn't until May fifth, unfortunately. But I'll be sure to get out there and vote when the day finally comes... three months from now. Oi.

electricbolt 02-05-2008 03:06 PM

I live in NY so yeah, my state has a primary today. I made sure to go vote in between college classes today.

Quark 02-05-2008 03:08 PM

I'm voting in a few hours!

MissionTrek08 02-05-2008 03:30 PM

I believe I heard something about a primary here in CA today, ha! :001_cool:

Voted this morning before work, and I had to use the handicap-accessible voting booth because the rest (for my party) were being used -- first time I've seen it that busy in the morning at my neighborhood polling place in ... forver. Good sign!

Ready Room 02-05-2008 05:16 PM

I'm from Canada and i've been following this super tuesday thing
for the democrats between Obama and Clinton, it's impossible to say who the clear winner is tonight, we'd have to wait for a few more primaries.

However for the Republicans it looks like a close percentage for McCain and Romney, it doesn't look like Huckabee is gaining much momentum like McCain is.

It's going to be an interesting couple of hours. that's for sure.

24thcenstfan 02-05-2008 05:57 PM

My state's primary (for Republican and Democrat) was the other week. I chose not to vote because I have not decided who I want to vote for. Or if I even want to vote for a Democrat or a Republican. It depends on what Independent candidates come to the forefront over the coming months as well.

I'll have my vote worked out by the time the General Election roles around in November.

Quark 02-05-2008 09:02 PM

Feels good to get the voting out of the way!

schmoekus 02-05-2008 11:44 PM

I come from Germany, so we have no Primary or Caucus :D

But al lot of people and media is looking on this exciting race, here.
We stay to USA, the old and new european :thumbup:

Willow 02-05-2008 11:50 PM

Here in South Africa we're also following it quite closely :001_smile:

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