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jtrek79 11-30-2008 01:43 AM

imagine the end sequence of trek11
I picture the main crew on the bridge,
then close up to kirk
-bones do u think the planet is secure(vulcan)
then close up to bones
-i dont know jim,i hope so,that drill made some serious damage to the planet's crust
close up to kirk
you spock
the narada is destroyed,i think damage is reverseable, ensign
close up to kirk
-spock look , i apologize when ya know.....
close up to spock
no need ensign,regret is a human emotion
close to uhura (smiles)
close up to kirk
i heard that before (from the old spock)
close up to spock
he looks upon kirk
close up to pike
alright people , report (strong music)
close up to sulu
helm ready captain
close up to pike
all stations prepare for warp
(exterior of the enterprise (music)
tagline....the adventure continues......

NCC-73515 11-30-2008 05:09 AM


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