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Aaleck 01-30-2008 08:03 PM

Wrong Activation Link
The one you get in your mail...


the one it should be...


Just so you know. :p

Almighty 01-30-2008 09:59 PM

Thanks for the help .

Emailing admin was no help so i apreciate it

CaptainJamesTKirk 01-30-2008 10:00 PM

Thanks. I spent ten minutes trying to post and it said my account wasn't activated. I was going crazy until I found this thread. This really needs to be fixed.

wissaboo 01-30-2008 10:04 PM

test post

posts must be 10 characters

Almighty 01-30-2008 10:06 PM

Really ?

Well , whataya know

Kai 01-30-2008 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by wissaboo (Post 379)
test post

posts must be 10 characters

That's going to be a pain seeing as how most of my posts consist primarily of 4 letter words.

ST Yellowshirt 01-30-2008 10:25 PM

Done - changed to 4.

Kai 01-30-2008 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by ST Yellowshirt (Post 403)
Done - changed to 4.

LMAO!!! Nice! Thanks yellow. :D

Almighty 01-30-2008 10:29 PM

Ohhh nooooo

Now Kai will be spammin' up the place with profanity

wissaboo 01-30-2008 10:43 PM

damn she has the admin fooled already :P

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