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Trekkie 02-01-2008 03:08 AM

So, any opinions about either the movie, or the series SG1 or SGA? Do ya like it? Hate it? Don't know what I'm talkin' about?


NCC-73515 02-01-2008 03:12 AM

I watched seasons 1-7 of SG1 and the pilot of SGA. Saw the movie at cinema :D
What annoyes me is the fact that SG1 "stole" some things from Trek (Goa'uld = Trill, God idea = Apollo, Gliders = BoP,...)

sjanssen 02-01-2008 03:28 AM

Oh well i like Stargate. And they have stolen more things. Q and the Holodoc ;) ok just the actors. Was fun to see them there.

Hailing Frequency Zach 02-01-2008 03:58 AM

I like Stargate even more than i like star trek. Does that make me bad?

NCC-73515 02-01-2008 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by Hailing Frequency Zach (Post 3583)
I like Stargate even more than i like star trek. Does that make me bad?

of course not

Hailing Frequency Zach 02-01-2008 04:08 AM

I cant' wait for the two movies this year - and there might be a new series!

chekov1701 02-01-2008 07:45 AM

Stargate was quite a good series but it's not quite as imaginative as Star Trek.

Pomeranc 02-01-2008 08:47 AM

Yeah I'm fan of the Stargate too. Talking that SG has stolen something from ST is a little bit unfair, because that is at some point case of all sci-fi shows. :))) It is because ST was first and it is best. :)

So watch SG, it is a realy fun show. And I of course have to mention Dr. Zelenka in Atlantis, simply best character. :D

KypFisto 02-01-2008 09:08 AM

I liked the movie and I enjoy watching random episodes on SciFi but I never followed it regularly. I'm more a fan of the space sci-fi stuff.

CaptainJamesTKirk 02-01-2008 12:12 PM

I like Stargate but i'm not a huge fan. i've only see each episode once. I like Atlantis but it's very hit and miss.

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