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Quasar 03-28-2008 10:36 AM

Interesting fact about the solar system..
If anyone ever wonders how BIG the universe ever really is.......

I'm sure everyone has seen those photos from Hubble, etc where it shows 1,000's of Galaxies in a single photo. Zoom after zoom after zoom after zoom and the galaxies will show up. Just how big of a portion of the night sky is that really?

Go outside, pick up a grain of sand. Hold that on your finger tip and hold your finger tip up agains the sky. The sky being blocked by that single grain of sand holds all those galaxies in those photos we see !!!

Just thougth I'd share ;-)


Zardoz 03-28-2008 10:38 AM


Welcome!! What a great first post!!

What a great way to explain that!

NCC-73515 03-28-2008 10:45 AM

That goes beyond merely our own solar system :p

FanWriter45 03-29-2008 06:50 AM

Now that spring is here, whenever I'm called on to substitute teach a science class, I take the kids outside, and we build a scale model of the solar system. I use one of those large "easy button" tap lights as the sun, and have a set of push pins made up for each of the 9 planets. (Yes, I include Pluto, damnit!) At the scale I have them pace it off, (one regular step for Mercury, two for Venus, a third for Earth) it helps to be on the school's football feild to be able to pace the rest off.

The kids always come away with a better understanding of the sheer size of the solar system... and the problems of travelling to other stars... especially when I tell them, "At this scale, the nearest star system to us, Alpha Centauri, would be in Hawaii."

Commodore 03-29-2008 03:32 PM

13-15 billion light-years wide, countless trillions of star systems, and only one planet in the entire Universe where you can get a really good cup of coffee...

We lucked out in that last bit.

Botany Bay 03-29-2008 06:03 PM


Livingston 03-29-2008 06:58 PM

Man, at the end there, I was thinking, you know that looks alot like... Oh s^*t I was right!

Oregon_Coast_Trekkie 03-29-2008 10:12 PM

Fan, you mean you leave out Ceres and Eris? You planetist!!!! :lol::001_tongue:

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