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LCARS 24 05-13-2014 09:56 PM

Dual-carbon-electrode batteries
A company called Power Japan Plus has announced development of what they call the Ryden dual-carbon battery, saying a carbon complex derived from cotton forms the anode and cathode and that the electrolyte is organic.The company has been funded by veterans of Japan's national phone company and various Japanese corporations to continue work on technology originally developed at Kyushu University in the 1970s. The product they are showing looks like a lithium-ion battery but uses only carbon, no expensive rare-earth metals. They claim it has higher storage capacity than a lithium-ion battery, can be charged 20 times as fast, won't burst into flame if punctured, and works well at constant temperature (doesn't heat up, therefore not requiring an expensive cooling system if used in an electric vehicle). And they say it's 100% recyclable.

Finding out whether or not these batteries really will work in electric cars will require rigorous testing and, of course, manufacture of enough of them to do so, both of which are already planned. Executives say the company has built a pilot production line in Okinawa that will begin manufacturing 500 to 5,000 batteries a month later this year.

The company?s chief technology officer Kaname Takeya is a veteran of Sumitomo Corporation, where he helped develop the battery technology used in the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S.

Chris Craney, their chief marketing officer, told The Atlantic last week when the company?s top executives visited San Francisco to unveil the technology, ?If there?s an [electric vehicle] company that wants to climb to the Tesla level, we?d be a good company to talk to.? He also said, ?To be bold, we are confident we are a major solution for the current electric vehicle industry."

Tesla is pushing full-steam on setting up its gigafactory to mass-produce lithium-ion batteries at lower cost for use in electric vehicles, but this news from Japan certainly appears to give them something to think about.

The video on YouTube is well worth watching:

Power Japan Plus: Balancing the Energy-Storage Equation

By the way, "Ryden," so spelled by all the new sources, must be "Ryoden" ("both electrodes" in Japanese), but has either been Westernized by the company (can you pronounce the syllable ryo?) or misspelled by the media.

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