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LCARS 24 06-29-2013 03:43 AM

Song inspired by Neelix and Kes
When I first watched the VOY pilot and saw Neelix and Kes tell Captain Janeway they wanted to join the crew and head for Earth, I picked up a guitar in search of a song about refugees from other planets who had heard nothing but nice things about Earth and wanted to immigrate. The result is song titled Legend Of The Planet Earth.

I used MIDI files (because of the small file size) of this and nine other songs I teased out of a guitar or piano as wake-up music for the alarm function of my LCARS system starting in about 2001. That function can be set for MP3 or voice instead, so I suspect most users pay little attention to my songs. And this is the only one that's Trek-related. Here's a new recording I made. I may put it on YouTube eventually, but I asked my sister to take a crack at it in the hopes that she can sing it better.

I made a video showing the notes and lyrics as the song progresses, and if I can get a better recording it will be easy to drop that right into the video. This is also good practice for making a demo of my LCARS system to put on YouTube, which is quite a bit more work but not as much as I thought, since making this little song video gave me an idea for an easier way to put that together. This was my first attempt to make a video. So I learned a few things.

The idealized vision of Earth held by aliens who have never been here may seem overreaching in the song but perhaps pretty close to the overall impression of the Trek version of 24th-century Earth, with weather control, a cleaned-up natural environment, elimination of poverty, replicators, transporters, etc.

Here it is in storage with the files for my Web site. This link should activate it.

LCARS 24 07-25-2013 03:00 AM

Well, I guess no replies means nobody's interested, but anyway I finally got around to setting up the LCARS 24 YouTube channel. All that's on it for now is the above-mentioned song and two others from the alarm-clock function of the LCARS standby screen, which is a full-screen clock and calendar wrapped in LCARS brackets. But this is leading up to making demos of my LCARS system in action.

LCARS 24 YouTube channel

And, I haven't tried it, but I read a blog claiming that the regular version of LCARS 24 works fine in the DOS box of Windows 7. I did make a Windows version, but it doesn't have all the features of the regular version and is really only supposed to run on XP, although I saw it work on one Vista machine.

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