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starbase63 12-14-2012 03:30 PM

The Newtown, CT Shootings
The view from the inside of it...

Newtown, especially the Sandy Hook section, is only about a half hour ride from where I live. In some shots of the command post at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire station, I saw a police car from my town.

There are so many conflicting reports. The story is on almost every channel due to our proximity to New York City, so it's on all three CT network-affiliated stations as well as all major New York City stations, not to mention the national outlets such as CNN/HLN, MSNBC, FOXNews, etc.

The gunman, 20 year old Adam Lanza, is dead. His mother was the kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a K-4 facility. Many of the 18 children Lanza killed were in her class, he killed her as well. 9 adults were either killed or wounded.

A dead body has been found at the Lanza home in Newtown, but police have not released details yet. There is speculation that it may actually be the body of his mother, and after killing her, he took her car to the school (the black car you see taped off in front of the building) and slaughtered her kindergarten class, the principal and the school psychologist.

Lanza's brother Ryan, age 24, was originally named as the killer, but Ryan Lanza is in police custody in Hoboken, NJ. Apparently Adam Lanza had some kind of ID with Ryan's name on it on his person. Police are now saying Ryan had nothing to do with Adam's actions.

Lt. Paul Vance of the CT State Police is well known, he's been the State Police PA Officer for many years and is a familiar face on CT television. Seeing him carried on CNN is eerie.

I posted this on FB as my thoughts on the situation:


It's simply shocking and frightening that a parent can send their child to school in the morning, never thinking they may never see that face alive again. When something so horrific happens so close to home, and you see it all over your local channels (both CT stations and NYC) it makes you realize these horrible things really can happen anywhere. We've even seen an American President cry today. Parents, hug your kids tight and never take that contact for granted.

My thoughts are with the parents of the children who lost their lives for no reason today, and my prayers are for those children's souls.

Captain Tom Coughlin 12-14-2012 03:44 PM

This is just awful. I hope that asshole has a special place in hell today.

Captain Tom Coughlin 12-14-2012 04:23 PM

Huh, I expected that word to be censored. I guess the censor software isn't working right.

MigueldaRican 12-14-2012 09:24 PM

Newtown, CT. Who to blame. I read an article for the Colorado shootings titled "Don't blame the shootings on Darwin (or on God's wrath)". I think the title alone still fits with this situation. It's becoming trend for Christians to do that very thing (especially on television).

The first implication targets the educators of the perp. It is the mantra "people are taught they come from animals, and that's why they act like animals." The implication is silly. Whether you believe it or not, evolution teaches that we evolved. You don't look at that and go, "Okay, I evolved from a animal, so I'm going to DE-evolve back, and act like one." And if you do say that, then your logic is backwards. Also, violent, torturous acts existed long before the theory of evolution came to be.

The second implication (if you can believe the audacity of it) targets the victims! It is that God let this happen because of the unrighteousness of the victims and those associated with them. It's a notion inspired by what often happens in the Bible: There is group of people, maybe a village. Something tragic happens to them. Those who survive such tragedy ask, "Why did this happen to us?" A priest or some man of God will answer (paraphrased), "Because you have forsaken the will of God." But such a claim is usually implicated in the Bible that God and said man of God is having a physically verbal interraction, so that the man can boldly say "thus saith the Lord" (or something of the like). But I don't know of anyone like that now who can make such a claim.

And tragedy cannot always be attributed to that same thing. We all know the mantra: "sometimes bad things happen to good people." But why? Do you know?

So how many times does Pat Robertson or Mike Huckabee need to display their own idiocy before the rest of Christians condemn them for putting words into God's mouth? Why did God let 9/11 happen? Why did God let Colorado happen? Why did God let Newtown happen? Was He punishing us for our sinful ways? Because of our allowance of gay rights? Because we're taking God out of schools? Who wants to answer those questions? I want to know what pastor or priest is having that Old Testament style conversation with God and can tell us what God is actually saying. Because anything short of that is blasphemy. Oh, yeah, I went there. Don't tell me what God's feelings are if you don't personally know what they are.

We don't know why it happened. I doubt you can blame the martyrdom of Saint Stephen on his Godlessness.

So who do you blame? As humans we are only obligated to take things at face value. The perp is the one who turned the gun on the innocent. Why? His reason dies with him, and God really only knows. Whether blaming it on the sin of the surviving or the ones responsible for the perpetrator's education or on supporters of gun ownership, there is this need to hold someone alive accountable.

Stop. Do the only thing you can do. Think about the families. Pray for them. Send them your cares and kind words of encouragement. That is all.

Captain Tom Coughlin 12-14-2012 09:33 PM

Who to blame.

That's easy

I blame the psychopath that decided to shoot innocent kids

MigueldaRican 12-14-2012 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin (Post 328064)
Who to blame.

That's easy

I blame the psychopath that decided to shoot innocent kids

Like I said, that's all you can do. I don't know why the f--- he did it. He did it. That's all.

Problem is he's dead, and out of human emotion, it's nature to point the finger at the living somehow. Someone needs to pay, and because the guy already did himself in, we aren't able to hold him accountable. I just wish we can return to the rational: the guy did it, and the reason(s) why the guy did what he did died with him.

omegaman 12-14-2012 10:00 PM

Very sad. Can't imagine what the families must be going through.

Captain Tom Coughlin 12-14-2012 11:06 PM

It's heartbreaking

kevin 12-14-2012 11:13 PM

It's very sad and calls back Dunblane here in Scotland many years ago. Very tragic for the families.

samwiseb 12-15-2012 12:03 AM

Ironic thing about working in TV is, I actually miss a lot of the news in times like this when just maintaining a 'clean' on-air shift is frankly absolutely impossible. By the time I left work I didn't want to talk to anybody. I wanted to thank the @$$hole who shot those kids for completely messing up my workday. It's the wrong thing to say with so many people out there TRULY suffering with what happened, and yet after so much stress I just have to say it.

Anyway, I can only echo all the sentiments above. A person who does this deserves no forgiveness. I don't even think he deserved to take his own life. His life should be in anybody else' hands right now but his. What a tragedy.

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