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martok2112 11-06-2012 01:10 PM

Just how big is an Imperial Star Destroyer, you might ask?
Hi, folks,
Ok, this is one of my most ambitious set ups to date. Everything you see is not only to scale with each other, but it is FULL scale. That is, everything is based around the scale that each square on the iClone grid is 1 meter, the iClone grid itself is, by default, 100 squares by 100 squares, so 100 meters by 100 meters.
The average Imperial stormtrooper is 1.8 meters tall. So, almost 2 squares on the grid.

The Corellian Corvette (Princess Leia's Tantive IV beyond the bay doors) is 150 meters long. On the iClone grid, she is 1 and a half grids long.
The Imperial Star Destroyer itself is 1600 meters long. That means that this ship is 16 full iClone grids long.
I widened the clipping range to its maximum....99,999.
Everything you see here is done in a shot. No compositing, no alpha channeling. :)
I think I am going to rework the size of some of the guns on the star destroyer though, make 'em a little smaller.
Enjoy this demo. All models, sets, props, planets, and stormtrooper armor built by yours truly.

kevin 11-07-2012 04:28 AM

Did you use that 1600 figure from the old Star Wars Encyclopedia? I seem to remember that listed a Star destroyer as about 1.6km long.

Nice vid though. I liked the pullout from the main bay to show the ship.

Roysten 11-07-2012 04:34 AM

Nice, a truly great effort on this project Martok, kudos to you there.

Was wondering, if you were having issues not having enough map space to render everything on the grid, couldn't you just shrink all your objects?

martok2112 11-07-2012 06:39 PM

Thank you, my friends. I am glad you liked it. :)

Hi, Kevin. Yeah, the Imperial Star Destroyer was always measured at 1.6 km, it's how it was listed even in the Star Wars Role Playing Game, when West End Games had the license, and that game took all its information from the Lucasfilm Archives. So, she be official. :)

The one disappointment to me was the Super Star Destroyer. I've always been satisfied with the 8km length, as was listed in the SW:RPG, but lately, its apparent official number has changed to some 12.5 km.

The die cast mini that I have of the Super Star Destroyer has an Imperial Star Destroyer connected to it, and it seems to support the 8km scale.

Hi, Roysten. No, it wasn't any issue at all to get the ship to work properly. The clipping planes for the default setting actually go pretty far beyond the working grid of iClone, but, they weren't out far enough to fully show my full scale Star Destroyer. But, by expanding the clipping planes to 99,999, I can get the star destroyer in there with TONS of room to spare. I always have miniature versions of the ships so that I can do epic space battle shots. This was just an experiment to see if I could actually blow my ISD up to full scale, and by Joe, it worked. :)

As it stands, since I have so heavily modified this version of the star destroyer, I shall now have to make miniature copies of this...and I am once more doing reshoots for my BSGWars project, so I can maintain consistency of appearance for the ships throughout the movie. :)

kevin 11-07-2012 10:23 PM

That 12.5km for a Super Star Destroyer actually also rings a bell from the old SW Encyclopedia so I think it may be right.

martok2112 11-07-2012 10:37 PM

It may well be. I have a couple of books on Star Wars ships and vehicles, and one of them does list the SSD at 12.5 km. I suppose I will go with that. :)

Going back to the modeling side of things, I can tell you this much....ain't no way, no how am I gonna try to make a "full scale" super star destroyer. Ha ha. 125 full grids?! No freakin way it would ever work. LOL!

I'd actually have to make an SSD scaled to my 16 square (not 16 grid) ISD. 125 squares will be easier to pull off, and I can still make the ships look epically sized. :)

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