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martok2112 09-17-2012 08:44 AM

Project update for BattleSTAR Galactica WARS
Hi, folks,

Here's a little progress update for my CG animated/machinima fanfilm "BattleSTAR Galactica WARS". For those who might not be aware of what it is, it is a computer animated fanfilm I am working on which combines classic Battlestar Galactica with Star Wars...a mashup of franchises. This is not your typical "fanboy franchise war". There's an actual story to this.


PROJECT UPDATE: Continuing to do reshoots of some effects shots, and still adding on story footage. I did a redux of the first slugout between the Galactica and the Irrefutable (name of the Imperial Star Destroyer), and I think it looks much better. Also added in some starfighter combat footage.

Thing I love about iClone's "motion puppet" system when it comes to props is that it allows me to create that sort of slow waver you sometimes see in starfighter movement up close when fighters are traveling in a straight line as two pilots are talking to each other. It, to me, creates the sensation (beyond just having a moving starfield in the background) of the Vipers actually being in flight. Besides, that seems to be how real-world aero-fighters would fly. :)

I am also continually refining how my lasers work in some situations, trying to come up with simpler solutions for scenes with a broader scope. I think I've found such a solution. :)

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