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martok2112 01-18-2011 09:09 PM

Another test shot for my upcoming YouTube Galactica series....
Here's another test shot....Colonial Warriors on Desert Planet. This time, as you'll notice, they're sporting blaster rifles. (All I did was elongate the barrel detail and enlarge slightly the back detail of the Colonial Blaster Pistol, and add a scope and bullpup mag slot). The rifles are designed to have removable bullpup styled magazines, and the electronic scope on the rifle will have a surface on the eyepiece side which can display video of the target.
This could be a shot from an upcoming episode, but for now, I just thought it was the ideal place to show off an exploratory team sporting heavier firepower. :)

Saquist 01-19-2011 04:50 AM

I see you're keeping it the original Galactica style.

kevin 01-19-2011 09:11 AM

Nice........where the Dirk Benedict-alike come from? Was that a figure you had to create or one you could put in the frame?

martok2112 01-19-2011 10:16 AM

Indeed, Saquist. :) Most of my online friends who are into Galactica are into the classic series. However, if my upcoming YouTube series proves popular enough, I may tackle my more ambitious Galactica project...another retelling of the fall of the Colonies and the exodus called "Galactica: The Last Battlestar" which blends elements of both the original and new series in such a way that it works....and one that doesn't incense fans of either show. :)

Kevin, believe it or not, that is the default face for the avatar Jack Casual in iClone. Surprisingly enough, it turned out to look just enough like the original Starbuck that I just left it alone. :)

iClone does have the ability though to graft photos of faces onto the avatars. (The female character I have standing on one of the statue blocks at the pyramid is based on Natalie Portman, and the female character I have on the landram's gun turrets is based on Ellen Page).

martok2112 01-19-2011 11:34 AM

And now, here's another quickie test video (with sound effects) testing out the swivel turret and laser effects on a moving landram. It's Starbuck and Athena. Oh, noes....they are being attacked by Cylons.
This video will also demonstrate that the shadows do not work so perfectly. I hope this is something iClone can rectify in a future update/version.

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