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martok2112 09-19-2010 07:04 AM

PlayStation far so cool
Well, I picked up PlayStation Move, all the materials needed for as complete an experience as possible.... I picked up the core kit, which contains a Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye, and the game Sports Champions. I bought a second move controller for certain games like Archery on Sports Champions (makes for a more realistic archery experience), and a Navigation controller (which will come in handy for games like SOCOM 4 and/or KILLZONE 3 (both of which are reported to be able to support MOVE). I also bought a dual charger port, which doesn't seem to work at all, and may take it back.

Now, my only buyer's remorse (aside from the charger kit) is that although you only need the core kit for the Move experience, I ended up spending so much to get my completist Move experience that I could've gotten a Nintendo Wii...however, the Wii doesn't have but a couple of games that I'm interested in playing anyways, so the positives outweigh the negatives.

Anyhoo, the experience with Move has so far been a favorable one. I just need a little more room in my living room to enjoy games like Gladiator Duel or Table Tennis....since the game wants you to move about a bit, as opposed to just waving a wand around.

The Archery game is pretty fun. If using two Move motion controllers, it makes for a more realistic experience. After calibrating your controllers, and selecting your gaming mode, and preferences (handedness, single or dual Move controllers, etc) you hold the two controllers together as if holding a bow. With your shooting hand (in my case, the right hand) you reach to your back, and pull the trigger to create the action of drawing a bow from your virtual quarrel. Then, whilst still holding the trigger down, you bring that hand back to the nock, and draw back. You release the trigger when you want to shoot. And this game can be tiring on the don't play it for too awful long. LOL!

But, one of the reasons I got the move is because it will support games like SOCOM 4 and KILLZONE 3, which are part of my favorite genre, first person shooters. And, for that, I am anxiously awaiting getting the following peripheral for Move:

This looks like precisely what I have been waiting for for First Person Shooters. Something that will allow you to move around the actual gaming environment, as opposed to shooting on rails. If this can be made to work for deathmatch aspects of gaming, I think it will revolutionize the way deathmatch games are played. Imagine being able to use actual aiming skills, as opposed to a D-pad controller. Now, if they implement a mode that will allow players to select whether or not they'd like to go up in a deathmatch mode with mixed company (some use Move, others use D-pad) that will be an interesting way to see which mode is better, but on the same token, it would allow players to say: Nah, I just want to play against other Move users, or Nah, I prefer to go up against just D-padders.

My ideas run wild, but it looks like that which I have been waiting for may soon come to fruition.

Another cool thing is that the game Heavy Rain is supposed to have gotten a patch update that makes the game compatible with Sony Move...and since I have Heavy Rain already, it'll be interesting to see how Move works with this game.

starwarsrcks 09-19-2010 09:41 AM

Have you ever played the Nintendo WII?

martok2112 09-19-2010 02:00 PM

Don't plan to.

Too many kiddie games for my tastes.

The only games that interest me on that platform are Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles.

Pretty much any games that get ported over to it from the PS3 or Xbox 360 are worthless.

I figure that RE:UC and RE: TDSC will eventually be ported over to PS3, so that'll pretty much put the dampener on any remote desire I might have to play the kiddie machine.

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