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Zardoz 09-08-2010 05:19 AM

Uss Gorkon-New RPG GAME-(RPG Posting Only Please!)
(Stardate 97234.89-Approximately 2391 Earth Calander-Orbital Starship Dock Alpha-7-Capatin Paul Winter is looking out a viewport at the Galaxy Class USS Gorkon. Admiral Ssshhh, a Gorn is stanging beside him.)

Ssshhh:"Well Paul, what do you think of your new command?"

Winter:"I think it's alot of ship Admiral."

Ssshhh:"A far cry from the more...."cozy" accomdations of the USS Pike."

Winter:"Sir, I doubt I'll have a full crew before departure."

Ssshhh:"Paul, nobody's around, use my name. I was your Capatin, and your freind, long before I took this brass."

Winter:"It's just this mission, a whole star system gone. Just when we had made peace with the Romulans."

Ssshhh:"Yes, it is tragic. But Ambassador Spock gave his life trying to save as many as he could. All the more reason we need to find Romulan survivors."

Winter:"Quite, Ssshhh. Any news from Starfleet about senior staff?"

Ssshhh:"They will be sending over a possible Chief Science Officer canadate later today."

Winter:"Any idea who?"

Ssshhh:"No. After the Romulan incident, the fleet is streched pretty thin. Feel lucky to get any crew at all."

Winter:"So they have put in the new Bio Neural Mark 3's?"

Ssshhh:"Yes, the Galaxy Class was the last of isolinear circuits. You also have the the new Mark 10 Phaser Arrays, they have 15% more power than the old Mark 9's. You are getting a good ship with a good hsitory Paul."

Winter:"Yes, Comandant Zardoz is a living legend. Now he can mold the minds of cadets as Comandant of Starfleet Academy. Even his crew his crew have become living legends."

Ssshhh:"Yes, but it is time for a new chapter in the history of this ship. You get to write that history Paul."

Winter:"Well, it's about time for my daily inspection, care to join me?"

Ssshhh:"Yes, let's go look at YOUR ship."

Jed Starkiller 09-09-2010 08:22 PM

(During Zardoz's Post, Gorkon Engineering)

Jed Jeggins smiles looking around the engine room. He pats a bulk head.

Jed "There you go girl all better. Never thought I'd see that again."

Jed walks over to a panel and presses the comm his wife appears on the screen.

Casey: "Jed, how is the patient."

Jed: "Almost as pretty as you."

Casey leans back revealing her pregnant belly.

Jed: "How you and our child?"

Casey: "We're fine. Like I've told you, Im OK If you want to continue to serve on the Gorkon."

Jed: "I know I'm going to talk to her captain now."

Casey: "Go on we'll talk more later."

Jed Smiles as the comm ends he walks to the turbolift pausing and turning to look back listening to the hum of Engineering. He enters the turbolift to report back to the dock and to the captain.

Zardoz 09-10-2010 05:06 AM

(During Jed's Post-Engineering-As Jed Heads Out He Sees Capatin Winter and Admiral Ssshhh on an inspection tour.)

Jed (To Self as he heads over):"No time like the present."

Winter (Suprised):"Well, this system is up 2 days before it was supposed to be."

Ssshhh:"Jeggins has been with this ship since it was commissioned."

Winter:"So many years on the same ship."

(Jed walks up)

Jed:"Admiral, Capatain. Could I have a moment of the Captain's time?"

Ssshhh:"Sure Commander. (jokingly) Don't keep him too long, I'm hungry. And my prey does not kill itself."

(Jed and Winter walk off a few feet)

Jed:"Sir, I noitced you don't have a Cheif Engineer yet."

Winter:"Yes, Starfleet sent us one canadate, but she is due for retirement in 12 weeks, so I had to pass."

Jed:"Would it be possible for me to serve as Cheif Engineer?"

Winter:"Why? You served two multi year missions with Captain Zardoz. I would assume you'd be ready to leave the service too."

Jed:"My daughter is grown, my wife thinks I should."

Winter:"I assume you mean Commander Casey Jeggins?"

Jed (Smiling):"You seem to know us..."

Winter:"Who doesn't Commander? Your exploits are famous. I'll accpet you on one condition."

Jed:"What is it?"

Winter:"Your bring your wife back as your second in command in Engineering. I need the best team, that would be both of you."

Jed:"Thank you sir. I'll speak to her immediately, and let you know."

Winter:"Talk to you soon Commander."

(Winter rejoins Ssshhh)

Ssshhh:"Was that what I think it was?"

Winter:"Looks like I may have the legendary Jeggins team."

Jed Starkiller 09-13-2010 04:17 AM

(Shortly after Zardoz's Post Jed enters Engineering he pauses looking at the Warp Core)

Jed: Well Baby Im still here.

*Jed Sits down at com*

Casey: "That was fast."

Jed: "The captian was touring the ship as I was on my out."

Casey: "So what did he say?"

Jed: "He wants us both."

Casey: "Really?!?"

Jed: "You up for another trip?"

Casey: "I Dont know. I've enjoyed just being home..."

Jed: "You hate it and you know it."

Casey: "You know I'll be there."

Zardoz 09-13-2010 07:11 AM

(Shortly After Jed's Post-Gorkon Ready Room)

Ssshhh:"Should feel more like "home" after your gear gets here."

Winter:"Never had a ready room on the Pike, it's so...big."

Ssshhh:"Well. you went from a scout class ship, to an genuine exploratory vessel."

*Comm Sounds, Winter Opens the Channel*

Winter:"Winter here."

Engsin Smith:"Sir, Starfeet notifcation. Casey Jeggins Starfleet commisson reactivated as of this stardate, assigned USS Gorkon. She should be here tomorrow, end Starfleet command."

Winter:"Thank you....."

Engsin Smith:"Engsin Smith, sir."

Winter:"Thank you, Engsin Smith. Winter, out."

Ssshhh:"You'll have plenty of time to learn names Paul."

Winter:"Remember back on the Columbia, when I mangled the Capatin's name?"

Ssshhh(Laughing):"Well, you were a freshly minted Engsin, and it was a Vulcan name."

Winter:"True...Capatin Storvak...what a name. What happened to him?"

Ssshhh:"He, and his ship, the USS Exeter, went missing in the gamma quadrent about a year ago."

Winter(Laughing):"Remember that time, right after you got command of the USS Stargazer-B, and you molted on Capatin Picard's boots at the dedication ceremony??"

Ssshhh:"He was pretty understanding about it. So Paul, what do you say we I buy you some burned human food? Never understood why you kill and burn your meats, but to each their own."

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