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Eris 08-30-2010 12:38 PM

What Happened To ... Kilana?
Kilana was the only Dominion member that seemed to be quite normal, at least in the end of that episode when Sisko and her learned both a lesson of trust. Kilana should have had a chance to re-appear in an episode and possibly even cause a small resistance inside the Vorta hierarchy to believe that Starfleet is not the bad guys in this war. I just wonder how Kilana was doing after getting back into Dominion space.

~ Eris

horatio 08-30-2010 12:50 PM

In what way wasn't she a typical Vorta?
For them the Founders are gods, Founder ideology is that you cannot trust Solids (unless they consider you as gods :D) and in a theocracy the worst crime is to doubt the word of your god(s).
She was as evil and stupid as any other Vorta ... although you could of course claim that they follow a 'suck up to the boss' strategy, that their belief is fake and a way to gain power in the Dominion. So yeah, perhaps they are evil and smart.

Eris 08-30-2010 01:08 PM

Actually I think Kilana was very human in the end when she had that last discussion with Sisko about leaving him the ship and just wanting to save the Founder's life ... in the end they were both honest and I think Kilana was special. Of course Eris is still my favorite Vorta ever, lol. :)

horatio 08-30-2010 01:27 PM

It was been quite some time since I have seen this episode, all I remember was that neither side trusted the other.
I see little human in working with and for the Founders, the Borg of the Gamma Quadrant. Call me simple-minded, but for me theocracy is fascism and fascism is obviously evil. Our human pedophile-protector and women-beheading theocracies (Vatican and Iran) are already quite disgusting, a fictional institution (together with all its minions !!!) which wants to conquer the whole galaxy and subjugate all humanoid lifeforms is plain evil.

Still worshipping your gods while not being that nasty to your enemies might be cute on a personal level but it doesn't make you any less evil on a political evil. You first gotta kill your gods, your Popes, your Zars, your Mullahs, your Founders.

Eris 08-30-2010 11:09 PM

Meow, I don't make purrallels to the real world when I watch an episode of Star Trek ... I just wanna have my fantasies sumtimes, and Kilana would definately have been a cool character to be on screen again and have her join the Federation eventually. :)

kukalakana 02-04-2011 05:00 PM

I think Vorta are really more complicated than either view gives them credit for here.

I don't know that Kilana was so atypical except perhaps that she did not have Vorta hair. She is deceptive, manipulative, and yet somehow oddly intriguing and personable. And she is also vaguely creepy without quite defining why. These characteristics could just as easily fit Weyoun, Borath, or Eris. But at the same time, Vorta themselves are by no means "typical" or uncomplicated. Certainly not stupid.

Note that at that point the Dominion and the Federation were not at war. It was still possible to come to an understanding. Had they been at war during the fifth season, relations as they stood between Kilana and Sisko would most likely have been very different.

Possibly the truly exceptional Vorta, if you are looking for one, is Weyoun 6.

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