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captian beckett 06-26-2010 04:50 AM

best book
what is the best star trek book or series of books

i like star trek destiny that series was awesome :thumbup:

NCC-73515 06-26-2010 07:19 AM

Engines of Destiny

Futureguy 06-26-2010 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by captian beckett (Post 304698)
what is the best star trek book or series of books

i like star trek destiny that series was awesome :thumbup:

"Strangers from the Sky" was a good read for me. I think that it's connections to WNMHGB were well done and I liked the period in which it was set, though "First Contact" changed that whole scenario. I liked that movie and realize that there was a need to set the movie for TNG, but I wish that the movie had been based on the former book.:001_cool:

captian beckett 06-27-2010 05:46 AM

lol they should have turned aload of the books into a film

kevin 06-27-2010 06:42 AM

I was quite partial to some of the Peter David books back in the day, but looking back a lot of them had pretty flimsy plots. He lost his touch a while back though.

Favourite book(s) are probably still a choice between Q-Squared and Imzadi.

captian beckett 06-27-2010 06:44 AM

cool cool :)

Yagami Crewman 08-28-2013 04:23 PM

Diane Carey's Final Frontier (NOT related to ST V) is excellent! If you really want to see how the voyages of the Enterprise started BEFORE Nero altered the timeline, read this. The Kobayashi Maru (Gotta love Kirk's cheat on this and Sulu's story was especially touching.), Diane Duane's My Enemy, My Ally is fantastic and Howard Weinstein's Covenant of the Crown is another early winner.

NCC-73515 08-31-2013 10:53 AM

Kirk's cheat was used in Starfleet Academy as well ;)

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