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KG Redhead 03-12-2008 02:44 PM

the Police Academy movies
I loved them when they were first released and I have them on DVD now. There's somethign about the anarchic comedy, it's so visually and verbal at the same time. Anyone else like them and if so which are your favourites?

HRH The KING 03-12-2008 03:50 PM

I like the Police Academy movies for the most part.

I haven't seen PA7.

I'd have to say Police Academy V is my favourite when they are in Miami.

Rene Auberjonois and his gang are hilarious.

sir num nums 03-12-2008 09:46 PM

I liked the first 4 or so...

The more they went on, the more silly it got. But, they are classic 80's films.

Livingston 03-13-2008 12:10 AM

I always liked Steve Guttenburg, it's too bad he didn't do more. I remember one of his first movies, The Boys From Brazil, he was dramatic in that, with Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck of all people, strange to see! Good actor though, funny guy!

Mr pointy ears 03-18-2008 06:44 PM

I hhave seen everyone of them,some are not that funny,some are.

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