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MagaditH 01-12-2010 01:00 PM

High Rez pics of the Enterprise A, B, and D filming models
I stumbled on this page looking for detail pics of the filming models. This site would be great if your into model making. Great pics for reference.

Scroll to the bottom for the other models.

NCC-73515 01-13-2010 03:52 AM


LCARS 24 01-13-2010 08:02 AM


chator 01-13-2010 08:52 AM

whose the lucky sob that owns these models?

jla1987 01-13-2010 09:29 AM

Yay for the Enterprise-B!

Roysten 01-13-2010 10:03 AM

Quality, would be so ace to have one hanging off the living room ceiling... after reinforcing the ceiling and making the room several metres higher.

MagaditH 01-13-2010 03:59 PM

Its a shame Paramount didn't do such a good job taking care of these models.:mad:

chator 01-13-2010 08:25 PM


There's a story, i believe included as an extra on one of the TNG films or TNG seasons, don't remember which, that shortly after TNG wrapped, the Enterprise-D disappeared. It was discovered sometime later to be hanging on the ceiling of a Bar and Grill somewhere, whereupon someone stumbled upon it, contacted Paramount, which bought it back. That's probably why its so damaged. Or perhaps it was damaged while making Generations. But i remember hearing that a replica was created for that final scene where the Enterprise-D plows into the ground.

NCC-73515 01-14-2010 08:25 AM

It was slammed into a mirror, quite cool :D

I-Am-Zim 01-24-2010 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by jla1987 (Post 294678)
Yay for the Enterprise-B!

Agreed! The Ent-B has always been one of my favorites. I think it's much better executed as compared to the too-simple Excelsior design.

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